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UNSW has a strong reputation for research excellence.  Through this excellence, the focus is on continuing to increase UNSW's research contribution both regionally and globally. In joining the team you will play a key role in helping to achieve these ambitions. 

At UNSW we are passionate about research, changing lives and achieving global impacts.  You have made the right choice in becoming part of this exciting organisation. 

Research Division Structure

Key Resources to Get You Started

Finding the Division of Research


(Map ref C22)

a. DVC Research 

Rupert Myers South Building

(Map Ref N15)

a. PVC Research, PVC Research Training & PVC Research Infrastructure (Level 4)

b. Executive Director Research Services(Level 3)

c. UNSW Innovations and Graduate Research School (Level 2)  

Chemical Sciences

(Map Ref F10)

a. Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC)

Map of UNSW campus