Focus Areas

These Focus Areas are the elements to consider as you progress your career at UNSW – whether you are focussed on research, education, leadership and engagement, or all three.  An Area’s degree of relevance will vary, depending on your career stage and your current role, be it supporting or actively engaged within research.

The Focus Areas can be investigated broadly or in-depth. There are questions and information to assist you with your search for relevant UNSW resources, policies, training and development, services and contacts –  all designed to help you achieve your current and future career goals.

Simply click the box of your choice below to reveal sub-focus areas and questions to explore, in turn they will lead you to the resource information you require.

Publishing & Profile Building
Building a profile in the current communication environment requires you to be strategic about where, when, what and how to publish.
Funding & Projects
Securing funding and managing research projects go hand in hand with developing a track record
Leading & Working with Others
Collaboration, innovation, project success, locally or internationally, rely on you working effectively with others to varying degrees
Supervising Research
Supervision of HDR candidates requires knowledge of key processes, principles and practices to ensure timely completion
Learning & Teaching
Managing, assessing and evaluating students plus curricula development is imperative to your career
Engaging & Knowledge Exchange
Discover how to engage and exchange knowledge at UNSW