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Your Career in Focus...

Career success requires sustained effort and at each stage there are differing expectations. As the diagram below illustrates, Extend places you at the centre of your career, helping you understand your current or aspirational work environment, develop insights into what you need to prioritise, inform yourself of possible options and then decide your next steps.

Use the questions below to reflect on where you are and where are you going, then access the extensive Career Planning Tools and Extend resources to help you clarify where to focus and guide your career conversations, development, planning and take action/next steps.

Segmented wheel diagram depicting the six focus areas of ExTEnD.
Your Career Now

What have I achieved to date?

Where are my strengths?

What frustrates me about my career?

What hurdles have I overcome?

How can I make the most of my results?

Next Stage in Your Career

What are my aspirations?

What is the next stage in my career?

What are the performance expectations of this stage?

Where are the gaps in my achievements?

What do I need to focus on now?

Extending Your Career

How do I address gaps in my achievements?

What are my goals?

What steps do I need to take to achieve these goals?

What’s my plan?

How will I track my plan?

Career priorities and opportunities change over time, as will you and your expectations.  It is likely that a career path in academia will take many twists and turns. Take some time to understand the expectations of academia and related roles, develop an awareness of what is important to you right now and make an informed decision at this point in your career.   Whatever your career stage and aspiration there is support and extensive resources here to assist you to determine, adjust and achieve your goals/plan.


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