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Career progression is individual and typically requires demonstrated outcomes in agreed areas. HDR candidates to Research Leaders and those working in research related areas can access relevant and effective career and professional development from across UNSW. The Researcher Development Unit (RDU) has main responsibility for researcher training and development services. 

Contact RDU if you have any queries or feedback and subscribe to its regular bulletin to stay up-to-date.

To help us improve and provide relevant and targeted career and professional development support and experiences for all who work in research or research related areas please provide us with your  valued feedback:

Finding the Division of Research


(Map ref C22)

a. DVC Research 

Rupert Myers South Building

(Map Ref N15)

a. PVC Research, PVC Research Training & PVC Research Infrastructure (Level 4)

b. Executive Director Research Services(Level 3)

c. UNSW Innovations and Graduate Research School (Level 2)  

Chemical Sciences

(Map Ref F10)

a. Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC)

Map of UNSW campus